Bulk Windshield Washer Fluid

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Offering Top-of-the-Line Surfactants

Hightech Solutions manufactures quality bulk windshield washer fluid and supplies it with our bulk refill, SmartStation™ program. Our product is formulated for maximum performance in all vehicle dispensing systems and contains the highest quality surfactants for superior dirt, bug, and road film removal.

Windshield Washer Fluid With Seasonal Options

Our windshield washer fluid is available at antifreeze (NF) mixture at - 20 degrees F and in an economic formula at +20 degrees F. In addition to superior cleanliness, it leaves a crystal clear windshield behind.

Please note that it is recommended to heat the windshield by running the vehicle with the windshield Defrost on in extreme colder weather to prevent the liquid from hazing on the windshield.

A blue washer fluid cap sitting on top of the engine.
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At Affordable Prices

Our Windshield Washer concentrate offers a flexible and affordable way to keep your expenses low. You can also check out our easy automated mix ratios simply with the push of a button for seasonal weather to save even more.