How It Works

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Advanced Technology for Dispensing Your Chemical Needs

At Hightech Solutions, we set up our SmartStation™ at your facility so that you get a more controlled technique of dispensing your chemical needs. With us, you need not waste time ordering, receiving, handling, or disposing of drums. Since there is zero waste product, it will save you the use and cost of replacing expensive drum pumps.

Automated Process

All mixing is done automatically with just the push of a button, ensuring a consistent product. We supply storage tanks at no cost to our customers, reducing unsightly drums, empty containers, or packaging to dispose of at your facility. With us, you make more efficient use of valuable space.

Effective & Safe Products

We manufacture highly concentrated products using first-grade materials to no longer handle or mix harsh chemicals, resulting in reduced workers’ accidents and compensation claims. We always have a local manufacturing service for any chemical or equipment needed and use custom-formulated cleaning compounds blended to fulfill your needs.