Refill Scheduling

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We Never Let You Run Out of Stock

Hightech Solutions takes pride in our investment of equipment in your facility, and we make sure you will never run out of stock. We have perfected our SmartStation™ program over the years, so dry is a thing of the past. We cover weekly, biweekly, and monthly deliveries.

Don't Run Out of Stock!

Whether you want to schedule a weekly, biweekly, or monthly refill, we will always be available for you. Our proprietary tank monitoring system supports clients in inventory management, tracking assets, and predicting costs. It is also efficient, as you can count on us to be proactive on your behalf instead of ordering or urgently calling for an inefficient, expensive emergency delivery or risk of running out of stock.

24/7 Assistance

Our SmartStation™ Program will make your operation more efficient and profitable by furnishing tank data 24/7 via computer or phone, giving access to tank levels, temperature, usage history, precise tank location, and more. Our entire fleet is equipped with a GPS monitoring system. Please contact us for status updates or to speak with our Area Manager about your schedule.